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Part of our commitment to trust means hiring the best repair techs in the business. These guys know their stuff, having worked on just about every make and model of car that you’ll see on the road.

So bring in your BMW, your Mercedes, your Nissan. Bring us your tired and weary Fords and GMs. Bring us the Hondas, VWs, and Audis that need care and repair. As complicated and difficult as many vehicles can be, we’ve got the techs you can trust.



Trust is built on a foundation of professional, high-quality results. We want to earn your trust the only way we can: by giving you the quality you deserve. This is our commitment to every one of our customers.

TRUST to place one’s confidence in, WE GAIN YOUR TRUST, We GAIN A CUSTOMER

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At Knibbe Automotive, we recognize that having your vehicle repaired can be a stressful situation. Much of this stress is due to unfamiliar terms and poor communication. We understand this and try to alleviate it by:

      1. Having all our counter people licensed with the ability to communicate with you and understand your vehicle issues.
      2. Having fully licensed techs in the back that are trained to diagnose correctly the first time.
      3. When you pick up your vehicle we will show you the parts removed and explain what we did. You are even welcome to take these parts home!

We provide service that is wanted and necessary in the auto repair industry – real, honest, and professional service. This naturally leads to a large part of our growth coming from referrals and testimonials,  which we acknowledge and value. To give a referral is to put your credibility on the line, so thank you to all our customers for your valued support!