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Your Car Air Conditioning system is under pressure and will leak gas slowly over time due to hose permeation, spinning shaft seal, o/ring connections or component leakage. This leak rate is approximately 10% per year and increases with the age of the vehicle. The refrigerant gas becomes low thus your car air conditioning will not cool as it did and will need Re-gassing.

Moreover, the compressor can wear and under-perform or even seize up. The Field coil in the electromagnetic clutch can develop an open circuit (burn-out) and won’t work. Some compressors are Variable Stroke type and can destroke (spin but not pump).

Any of the electrical pressure switches, thermostats, resistors or fan motors can fail.

A Re gas is not always the solution. So bring it to the specialists at Knibbe Automotive Repair to ensure the system is fully inspected, degassed, and evacuated then recharged to the manufacturer’s specifications. Car Air Conditioning Calgary



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How We Can Help You?

When you bring in your vehicle for AC repair and service, our Car Air Conditioning Calgary Team will perform a comprehensive assessment that includes

  • Checking the blower
  • Inspecting hose pipes, thermostat, pressure cap and radiator coolant level
  • Examining the compressor belt and cooling system pressure
  • Checking for damages and leaks
  • Testing for refrigerant holes
  • Checking interior vent air temperature
  • Performing car air conditioner regas
  • Much more

If you realize that your car is overheating, get it repaired promptly before any major damage occurs. To book in for a repair on your air conditioning system, you can give us a call at 403-547-7771.

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