Car Steering Repairs Calgary


Most cars today feature power steering. Power steering makes steering your vehicle quicker and easier, it is especially helpful for heavier vehicles and for people who aren’t as strong.

Power steering can use either hydraulic or electric power, in some cases it will use both. The system was designed to make driving easier and a more fluid experience. It allows the vehicle to do most of the work and the driver simply directs the turn.

Restore perfect control of your vehicle with our Car steering Repairs Calgary services

Power steering, like any other aspect of a car, can sometimes fail. Usually this is a result of fluid loss, pump failure or loss of electrical power. Whatever the issue, at Grove Auto Repairs we are able to prevent your power steering from failing or fix it when it does. During our services we make sure all aspects of the car are checked, power steering included. Prevention is the best method but sometimes accidents can’t be avoided.

Pop in to our shop and have your power steering Calgary checked, we’ll top up your fluids and check that everything is in working order.


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How We Can Help You?

We work with our customers to avoid the following problems:

  • Power Steering Failure: the vehicle can still be controlled but it takes much more effort to drive.
  • Broken Seal Gland: The hydraulic fluid leaks from the cylinder causing power steering to fail. We will replace the seals to fix the issue.
  • Hard to Steer: The most common cause of difficult steering is a lack of power steering fluid. In addition, loose engine belts can also cause this.
  • Overheating: Issues with build up of mineral deposits in the radiator, rust or damaged pumps can cause the radiator to fail. Our engineers will replace the radiator, radiator hose or fans.

Every car is different and so will be our services, therefore, we do a full inspection of your car after a full diagnosis which covers all the aspects. Even if there are any other issues which haven’t been identified by you but can create problems in the coming future, our technicians will recommend you with the best car steering repairs for restoring its smoother ride, improved control, effective stability and better braking.

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