Chevrolet Repairs Calgary

Chevrolet Repairs Calgary

Is your Chevrolet in need of repairs? Knibbe Automotive Repairs is Calgary’s number one Chevrolet garage! Our Chevrolet Repairs Calgary mechanics specialize in servicing and repairing all Chevrolet makes and models.

Using the latest diagnostics tools to assess the state of your vehicle quickly and find an effective solution. Our trained, certified professionals know the Chevrolet vehicles inside out. At Knibbe Automotive Repairs our Chevrolet Repairs Calgary mechanics maintain and repair everything including: air condition, brakes, steering, suspension and cooling systems – Calgary.


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Chevrolet , Air Conditioning

A functioning air conditioning system is crucial for a comfortable traveling experience. However, it’s purposes extend beyond simple comforts. By circulating to the air in the vehicle, it removes humidity and fog that accumulates on the windows. There are various reasons or causes that can lead to a broken air conditioning system.

Mechanics at Knibbe Automotive Repairs can run diagnostics and assess the situation and find a solution. We will make sure there is enough coolant and see if all the parts are where they should be. Sometimes the wiring can get disconnected or the compressor needs to be replaced.

Whatever the case is, at our Calgary garage Chevrolet vehicle repairs are our speciality. We will repair your automobile quickly and effectively.

Chevrolet Brake Repairs Calgary

Are your brakes working? Slowing down and stopping are vital to safe driving. At Knibbe Automotive Repairs we recommend that you regularly check your breaks. Over time, the brake pads tend to erode and need to be replaced. There are a few (rather obvious) signs that indicate your brakes are in need of repairs.

First, if you’re hearing a squealing or grinding sound when in motion or braking. You might also feel your tires are vibrating, wobbling or scraping. And lastly, the brake light is on. While some of these symptoms can be disconcerting, failing brakes aren’t fun for anyone. So it is important to stay on top of your braking system.

Our Calgary mechanics have a lot of experience with Chevrolet brake repairs. We can replace, repair and ultimately maintain your brakes, so you’re secure on the road.

Chevrolet Cooling System Repairs Calgary

Keeping your engine cool is essential for keeping it running safely and smoothly. That’s why engineers install a cooling system in your vehicle. Because your engine can’t rely on air flow to stay cool (it’s under a hood after all), it relies on water circulating through a series of hoses.

Sometimes the hoses break, the pump stops working or the radiator gets damaged. The thermostat can also malfunction and fail to regulate the cooling system. These can ultimately lead to your engine overheating.

Knibbe Automotive Repair mechanics can quickly diagnose the problem and replace, or repair any of the parts of your cooling system. Call for you Chevrolet cooling system repairs – Calgary.

Chevrolet , Steering & Suspension Service Calgary

Steering and suspension have a huge impact on your vehicle’s handling. Suspension allows your automobile to absorb shock from bumps or dips in the road. And the mechanism behind steering enables us to drive smoothly at high and low speeds.

With time, control arms rust and need to be replaced or it’s possible that your spring can be pushed out of place. While the suspension is meant to make your car handle bumps better, it has a limit. If an impact is too strong it can affect your wheel alignment and can make your vehicle drift in a certain direction.

At Knibbe Automotive Repair’s Calgary garage, our mechanics are at ease performing repairs on Chevrolets. We can align your wheels, replace your control arms and much more!

Chevrolet Engine Diagnostics & Computer Programming Service Calgary

Of course, simply diving into repairs without direction is pointless. Our Calgary Chevrolet repairmen use the latest computerized diagnostics tools. If the engine is the heart of the car, the computer in your car is the brain. It;s what allows you to listen to the radio, or tells you when something is wrong with your vehicle.

If the computer system fails, your car may not even start. While your vehicle is fundamentally a mechanical machine, modern cars rely more and move on the computer system to work. Without it, things like opening your windows, transmission (for automatic cars), and even braking.

We stay up-to-date on all of the latest technology for Chevrolet vehicles. So you can trust us with your Chevrolet repairs – Calgary. Our aim is to get you safely back on the road with a fully functioning vehicle.






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