KIA Repairs Calgary

KIA Repairs Calgary

It is really vital to make sure your Kia is serviced according to the manufacturers’ service schedule and by those who know your car best. We are certainly the people who will keep your Kia in the top shape that you would expect. Our KIA Repairs Calgary technicians will carry out all of the necessary service and maintenance on your Kia. Furthermore, you can be assured that only high quality parts will be used while carrying out any service or maintenance work.

At Knibbe Automotive Repair, our highly qualified KIA Repairs Calgary technicians are here to provide exceptional service in a timely manner. From oil change service to new transmission, we are dedicated to maintaining the best customer service!


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KIA Air Conditioning

Did you know your car air conditioning service needs to be serviced every 2 years? 60% of us are driving with poor performing air-conditioning!

By servicing and re-gasing your air con system you can: KIA AC repairs Calgary

  • Breath cleaner air by removing 80% of dust and toxins
  • Help relieve Asthma & Hay fever
  • Reduce build up of Bacteria & fungi spores in vents
  • Improve fuel consumption
  • Keep glass clear & clean
  • Calm young children on long hot journeys
  • Avoid costly repair bills

KIA Brake Repairs Calgary

Maintaining good care of your brakes is essential to the safe running of your vehicle. While all brakes are checked as part of your annual service, you will need to remain vigilant for any problem signs.

Here are some of the top signs that you may need to get your brakes repaired or replaced: KIA Brake Repairs Calgary

  • The ABS or brake light signal appearing on your dashboard
  • A squealing or grinding sound when you brake
  • Vehicle pulling to the left or right while driving or braking
  • Brakes response being delayed
  • A longer stopping time than usual or a different feel from your pedal (i.e. stiffer or sticking; softer or pushing practically to the floor before stopping)
  • A shaking or vibrating steering wheel or vehicle when you brake

If you notice any of the above or anything unusual about your brakes, don’t panic ­ just call our KIA brake repairs Calgary to schedule a service.

KIA Cooling System Repairs Calgary

Cooling system problems, such as leaks and insufficient cooling due to fouling of the system are the primary cause of vehicle break down. To prevent these problems we recommend radiator treatments.

At Knibbe Automotive Repair, we recommend that coolant be changed every 24,000 miles and that any cracked, leaking, or brittle hoses be replaced at the same time. There are specific requirements for mixing coolant, if you feel unsure about them bring your car to our service. Our KIA automotive repair specialists are always happy to help!

We are committed to identifying and repairing problems quickly and effectively for our clients.

We’ve developed a sterling reputation for our honest, trustworthy customer service. At Knibbe Automotive you’ll can always be speaking directly to your car mechanic, who’ll be able to advise and keep you up-to-date on your vehicle.

KIA Steering & Suspension Service Calgary

We are more than happy to provide you with a high quality check and carry out any Kia suspension repair Calgary or replace any faulty parts. Coil springs. Shock absorbers. Ball joints. Rack and pinions. Tie rod ends. CV joints. Strut mounts. Bushings.

The steering system and suspension systems bear the weight of your vehicle, maintain the tires on the road while driving and assist in delivering a hassle-free, safer trip.

Consequently, the steering and suspension system must be checked at least once a year to prevent significant repairs. Anytime you feel symptoms of steering or suspension troubles have your mechanic check your car to correct the issue rapidly. Extended steering and suspension concerns will result in extreme safety dangers quickly.

Call our KIA steering service Calgary today to set up your next Suspension Repair and Wheel Alignment service. We are proud to be your number one auto repair services in Calgary.

KIA Engine Diagnostics & Computer Programming Service Calgary

While regular engine maintenance will help ensure that your engine always performs at peak conditions, there are also signs you can look for that indicate an engine repair is needed. The “check engine” or “service engine” light is a sign that your engine should be looked at by an expert sooner than later.

Most of the time, your vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostics System will detect an engine issue and store the corresponding fault code, to be assessed by a professional.

Having the correct equipment is an essential part of servicing modern cars. Cars are increasingly controlled by computers and our investment in top of the range computer diagnostics means we can fix your car quicker and pass the time saving onto you.

At Knibbe Automotive Repair we have invested in several diagnostic technologies which allow us to discover a wide array of problems affecting your car.






Computer Diagnostic


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