Infiniti Repairs Calgary

Knibbe Automotive Services, nestled in the heart of Calgary, stands as a beacon of excellence in the automotive repair industry. With a dedicated team of certified technicians and state-of-the-art equipment, Knibbe Automotive Services offers unparalleled maintenance and repair services for Infiniti vehicles, ensuring that your luxury ride continues to perform at its peak.


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Chrysler , Air Conditioning

Calgary’s unpredictable climate demands a perfectly functioning air conditioning system in your Infiniti. At Knibbe Automotive Services, we specialize in comprehensive air conditioning services, from routine maintenance checks to complex repairs. Our experts ensure your Infiniti’s AC system delivers optimal cooling and heating, enhancing your driving comfort throughout the year.

Infiniti Brake Repairs Calgary

The safety of your Infiniti largely depends on the efficiency of its braking system. Knibbe Automotive Services offers top-tier brake repair services, including brake pad replacement, brake fluid exchange, and rotor resurfacing. Utilizing advanced diagnostic tools, our technicians identify and rectify any issues, ensuring your vehicle’s braking system operates seamlessly and safely.

Infiniti Engine Diagnostics & Computer Programming Services in Calgary

Modern Infinitis are equipped with complex electronic systems that require specialized knowledge for proper maintenance and repair. Knibbe Automotive Services excels in engine diagnostics and computer programming services for Infiniti vehicles. Our technicians are adept at using advanced software to diagnose engine issues and update vehicle firmware, ensuring your Infiniti’s engine and electronic systems function flawlessly.

Infiniti , Steering & Suspension Service Calgary

The performance and comfort of your Infiniti are significantly influenced by its steering and suspension systems. At Knibbe Automotive Services, we offer comprehensive steering and suspension services, including inspections, wheel alignments, and shock and strut replacements. Our goal is to ensure your Infiniti provides a smooth ride and precise handling, regardless of the road conditions.

Infiniti Engine Diagnostics & Computer Programming Service Calgary

In the era of sophisticated automotive technologies, accurate diagnostics are crucial for maintaining your Infiniti’s health. Knibbe Automotive Services is equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic tools that allow our experts to accurately identify issues, from minor electrical glitches to complex engine problems. Our detailed diagnostic process ensures that your Infiniti receives the precise care it needs.


Choosing Knibbe Automotive Services for your Infiniti repairs in Calgary means entrusting your vehicle to a team of professionals who understand the intricacies of luxury automobiles. Our commitment to using genuine Infiniti parts, combined with our expertise in advanced automotive technologies, ensures that your vehicle receives the best possible care. Whether it’s routine maintenance or complex repairs, Knibbe Automotive Services is dedicated to maintaining the performance, safety, and luxury of your Infiniti. Visit us today and experience the pinnacle of automotive service excellence in Calgary.





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