Mitsubishi Repairs Calgary

Mitsubishi Repairs Calgary

Mitsubishi is known for making cars that combine the latest in technology with durability and reliability. They might not be the most popular car on Canadian roads, but those that own them love them. However, even the most reliable cars need the occasional service or repair!

The good news is that you don’t have to look too far for your Mitsubishi auto repairs in Calgary! We have a fully equipped shop and mechanics and technicians that are certified to work on your car. Our Mitsubishi Repairs Calgary team offers routine preventative maintenance and servicing, as well as more urgent repairs. With all the tools and parts needed to get it done fast!

When you drive an imported car, it can be hard to find the right people to take care of your car. Do they have the right tools? The right parts? Do they know what they’re doing? Can they sign your service logbook? When you choose our team, the answer to all of those (and more) is yes. We do Mitsubishi repairs and servicing fast, and at rates you can afford. Don’t trust anyone else!

So, if you need a reliable shop in Calgary to trust your Mitsubishi to, we’d love to be your choice. Mi


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Mitsubishi Air Conditioning

For a big chunk of the year in Alberta, you need a heater a lot more than an air conditioner. But then, the sun comes out, the snow melts, and before long, your car is a sweat box. If you don’t want to find yourself with a faulty air conditioner when that happens, get it checked early. A dirty filter, faulty hose or broken pump is all it takes to make your air conditioner less effective. Finding and fixing that before the hot weather hits will make your commute a lot more pleasant!

The team at our Mitsubishi automotive repair center in Cochrane are fully trained to find the problem with your air conditioning. They’ve also got all the tools and parts needed to fix the problem. So, bring your car in before the summer rush, and make sure you stay cool!

Mitsubishi Brake Repairs Calgary

Worn brakes are a serious safety concern. If you’ve noticed that your brakes grind, feel spongy or don’t stop as well as they used to, you need to take action. There’s a fine line between brakes that are a little worn and those that don’t work much at all.

There are many different causes for brakes that don’t work like they should. Sometimes, it’s as simple as needing a brake fluid change. Other times, you might need new brake shoes. But sometimes, it’s something more serious like worn calipers or faulty drums. No matter what the cause, we can get it fixed for you. So, you can stop safely again!

We stock a wide range of Mitsubishi approved brake components and fluids. So, whatever the problem is, we can also fix it fast.

Brake Callipers, Drum Brakes, Brake Master Cylinder, Shoes, Brake Lines, Disc Brakes, Brake Disc Rotors, Brake Pads, Wheel Cylinders, Hoses M

Mitsubishi Cooling System Repairs Calgary

It might seem like cooling is not a problem for a big chunk of the year in Calgary. But when it comes to your Mitsubishi, a cooling system problem could be very bad for your engine. A coolant leak, even a minor one, can result in your engine overheating. That can cause permanent and very expensive engine damage.

In fact, without enough coolant in the system, your engine could overheat so much that it could seize completely. If that happens, repairs aren’t an option anymore. Many expensive components would have to be replaced completely. So never ignore any fluid leaks from your car. And if your car overheats, stop driving immediately, and have it towed to us for inspection and repair.

Our team of specialists is fully trained and certified to work on Calgary Mitsubishi cooling system problems. We have spare hoses, pumps and valves in stock. We know what to look for, and how to get your cooling system working properly again.

Mitsubishi Steering & Suspension Service Calgary

Have you ever noticed that your car seems to have a mind of its own? That you’re driving, but your steering wheel wants to do its own thing. If you’re having those problems, it’s probably either a steering or suspension problem. Either of those is a serious concern, so you need to find help. Fortunately, our shop offers full Mitsubishi steering and suspension services in Calgary.

We’ll look at all the parts that keep your car on the straight and narrow. Then we’ll find the problem and fix it.

Our team is also fully equipped and trained to check your wheel alignment. We also rotate tires, to make sure your wheels do exactly what you need them to. When you need them to.

Proper steering, suspension and wheel alignment will reduce wear and tear on your wheels, tires and many other parts. It will help to prevent more serious problems later on. That makes it a great investment in preventative maintenance. So, if you’re finding that your car has a mind of its own, you should contact us as soon as possible!

Mitsubishi Engine Diagnostics & Computer Programming Service Calgary

There was a time when your car was a simple mechanical thing. Those days ended a long time ago. Today, the best way to make sure your Mitsubishi is running right is to plug it into a computer diagnostic system. With our high-tech solutions, we can do just that.

Not only can we find and diagnose problems with Mitsubishi engines quickly this way, but we can also reset your car’s computer. A reset can help to eliminate a lot of pesky little problems.

The modern car is a complicated system of electronics. Everything is interconnected and carefully calibrated. Mitsubishis are no different. In fact, with their racing pedigree, they’re often even more complex than other cars. But our technicians know how to find out exactly what’s happening. We use electronic diagnostic tools when we service your Mitsubishi. We also use it to find problems, and to fine tune everything so it’s all working perfectly. The days of fixing your car with a toolbox and an oil can are over. Trust us for high tech Mitsubishi diagnostics and repairs.






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