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Make sure you come to Knibbe Automotive for vehicle computer diagnostic, Calgary. Our diagnostic test will report codes for almost all of your vehicle’s major components. Our mechanics will plug a diagnostic scanner into the car to read these many codes. We then use them to diagnose and repair your vehicle. This diagnostic check includes your engine, brakes, transmission, and exhaust system. Also, it will check your fuel injection system, coolant and airflow, and all the other various sensors in your vehicle.

There are several steps when completing an entire vehicle computer diagnostic. Initially, we will gather as much information as possible to help us determine the best starting point. Then we will conduct a thorough visual inspection. Afterward, we will scan and record the diagnostic trouble codes. We also examine the vehicle data lists for related systems and search for helpful information. We will then hone in on the problem and begin the repair once we find the root cause.

A full diagnostic test takes between an hour and ninety minutes. However, if we must remove components, that time can increase. But keep in mind that we ensure we are utilizing our time wisely. That way we are saving you money in the most cost-effective manner.


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Warning Light Diagnostics Calgary

When a warning light shows up on your dash, the worse thing you can do is ignore it. If a warning light comes on, your car’s diagnostic system has detected a problem. It then stores the trouble code in its memory. If the check engine light is blinking, this mean it has an urgent problem. And you should pull your car off the road to a safe place. First, check your gas cap because if it is loose, it can trigger the light. If it is not the gas cap, it can be an engine misfire that may be overheating the catalytic converter. Or, it can be an oxygen sensor that regulates the air and fuel mixture. It could also be the mass airflow sensor or spark plugs. When the CEL light is on, it is always better to investigate it at the first sign of trouble.

Another warning light you shouldn’t ignore is the battery light. It means the voltage level is below standard, and the problem could be with the battery terminals or the alternator belt. A coolant temperature warning indicates that the coolant is too low or there is a system leak or a faulty fan. Bring your vehicle to us at Knibbe Automotive, and we can complete full warning light diagnostics, Calgary.

Engine Repair and Diagnostics In Calgary

At Knibbe Automotive, we do engine repair and diagnostics in Calgary. A typical engine repair includes rebuilding the head and replacing worn pistons. We may also install new timing components and replace the rod, main bearing, and freeze plugs. We will only perform the necessary repairs and never suggest unneeded repairs. Our company values include transparency and honest pricing for thorough work. So you know you are getting what you paid for, without additional costs for unnecessary parts or repairs. As one of the best companies in the industry, we live by our reputation. And we always aim to provide the best service at affordable rates.

There are many common can engine problems. These can include poor lubrication, a failing oil pump, or oil deposits and debris. Engine diagnostics can also show if there is inadequate fuel and air compression or leaking engine coolant. Not to mention, there can be blocked engine radiators or a problem such as prolonged engine detonation. Lastly, there can be damaged oxygen sensors or bad spark plugs. Whatever the issue may be, visit us at Knibbe Automotive in Calgary. We will treat you and your vehicle with the respect and service you deserve.

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