GMC Repairs Calgary

GMC Repairs Calgary

General Motors has been one of the leading brands in north American cars for more than 110 years. It’s no wonder that we still love their brands so much! Whether you drive a Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, or GMC, you’ve got a great car. We work hard to keep them in top shape.

Our team offers high quality, fully certified GM repairs in Calgary. We work on all GM brands, and have the tools, parts and experience needed to deliver the best results. In fact, we’ve been doing just that for over ten years! Whether you need a routine service, preventative maintenance, or a repair, we’ve got you covered.


Our GM repair services include:

We offer bumper to bumper services on all GM vehicles, as well as the best advise and high-tech diagnostics. We can repair, replace and service anything on your vehicle, including:

  • Engine repairs and tune ups
  • Suspension, axle, and drive train
  • Radiator and cooling system repairs
  • Exhaust and muffler repairs and replacements


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GMC Air Conditioning

Your GM is probably a great place to be. Except in the middle of a Calgary heat wave with a broken air conditioner! If your air-con is not getting the job done, we can help.

Whether your car is brand new or an older model, we can help with:

  • Air conditioner re-gassing
  • Air conditioner and heater repairs
  • Fault finding and installation of new systems
  • Cleaning vents and more!

Don’ wait until you need your air conditioner to find out it’s not working! Bring your car in for an inspection and to get everything in tip top shape before the summer hits!

GMC Brake Repairs Calgary

No matter how old or new your car is, if your brakes don’t work, it’s a danger on the road. Safety features like sensors and cameras are great, but you still have to be able to stop.

Our team of GM brake repair specialists take care of all your brake inspection, repair, and replacement needs. We work on all GM makes and models too. Call us for:

  • Inspection of your GM vehicle’s brakes
  • Brake safety testing
  • GM brake pad replacement
  • GM brake drum inspection, repair, and replacement GM

GMC Cooling System Repairs Calgary

If there’s one thing car engines don’t like, it’s excess heat. In fact, if your engine gets too hot, it can seize up completely. In some cases, which might be a temporary problem, but it could also destroy your engine completely. That’s why you should never ignore the warning signs that something is not right in your GM cooling system.

Our team knows GM cooling systems inside and out. When you notice a warning light on your car, we’ll get to work to get it fixed fast – before it becomes an expensive problem! From cracks in your radiator to leaky pipes, we can fix or replace any part of your GM cooling system for you.

In fact, we’ve been the go-to for all sorts of GM auto repairs in Calgary for years! Don’t wait until your cooling system fails and your engine gets cooked! Call or email to set up an inspection now!

GMC, Steering & Suspension Service Calgary

Steering and suspension isn’t something you give much thought to. Until they’re not working properly. Whether your car is drifting while you drive or you have power steering problems, you can’t afford to wait. Steering and suspension are essential to safety. If your car isn’t responding the way it should, you need to find and fix the problem, sooner rather than later.

Our team has all the tools and equipment needed to diagnose your GM steering and suspension problems fast. We’ll give you a report, and get the job done right, and at an affordable rate.

GMC Engine Diagnostics & Computer Programming Service Calgary

When the first GM’s rolled off the production line, no one imagined that their car would need a software update. No one even knew what software was. But we do now, and the software in your car makes it safer and more comfortable to drive. It also means that it takes a little more finesse to keep your car running perfectly.

One of the great things about having cars that are smart is that they tell you when there’s a problem. But you don’t have to panic when a warning light comes on! Bring your car to us for a full GM engine diagnostic and software upgrade. Whatever the problem is, our high-tech equipment can find it fast. Then we’ll fix the problem, reset everything, and you can be back on your way in no time. Just imagine what your great grandfather would have thought of that!

We Are GM Engine Diagnostics Professionals

There’s more to GM engine diagnostics than just plugging your car into a machine. It takes skill and training to interpret the results, and more to find and fix the problem. It’s why our team of mechanics and technicians are highly trained. We know exactly how to find any problem. But don’t worry. We’re happy to give you a fair, honest quote before we get the job done.






Computer Diagnostic


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