Certified Automotive Repair Service NW

Certified Automotive Repair Service NW

If you’re in need of a certified automotive repair service in NW, then you need Knibbe Automotive Repair. We are a team of mechanics that offer professional and affordable repair services you can rely on. Our team has years of experience working with a variety of makes and models including: Ford, GM, Honda, Chrysler, Toyota, Jeep, Lexus and much more!

So come see our shop! It’s fully equipped with state-of-the-art lifts, quality tools and the latest diagnostics technology. Our professional mechanics will get your vehicle operating at peak performance in no time! At Knibbe Automotive Repair, we provide a certified automotive repair service in NW that you can depend on. So give us a call today! We’ll fix your car in a timely fashion.

Brake Repairs

You wouldn’t drive a car that doesn’t have brakes installed. That’s why it’s important to have your brakes inspected on a regular basis. Our professional mechanics provide fast effective brake repair services in NW. We’ll make sure that everything is good with your brake pads, rotors, clips and calipers. And because we have spare parts in our shop, if any of those pieces are worn down and need to be replaced, we’ll get it done.

Trust Knibbe Automotive Repair to keep your brakes working as they should be with our certified automore repair services in NW. Because your safety is our priority.

Tire And Steering

Is something wrong with your steering? It’s not uncommon that your steering needs to be realigned. Sometimes the bumps (especially those hidden pot holes) in the road mess up your wheel alignment. Get your tires and steering assessed and repaired with our certified automotive repair services in NW.
Whether you need your tires changed or your steering repaired, Knibbe Automotive Repair has the tools, equipment and expertise to get you back on the road safely. And we’re passionate about our work. Our professional mechanics will let you know if your tires are safe to use and ensure your steering reacts to your driving.

Air Condition Services

Part of a safe and comfortable driving experience is having a functional air conditioning system. It’s important that you get a constant source of fresh air circulating in your car. This affects you as well as your car. Your air conditioning system regulates the internal temperature and helps keep your windows clear. So if your car needs some air conditioning repair services, our team at Knibbe Automotive Repair can help.

Whatever is wrong with your car, you can trust us to complete your repairs quickly and affordably. And we always deliver excellent customer service. We’ll keep you informed and up-to-date with your vehicle. So you can make informed decisions.

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