When Should You Replace Your Wiper Blades?

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When Should You Replace Your Wiper Blades?

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s a rain or snowstorm, we go to turn on our wiper blades only to find that they aren’t that helpful, or actually make things worse. When it comes to vehicle maintenance, one of the most important components to keep in check is your windshield wipers.

Without them, you can’t see the road clearly, making it difficult and dangerous to drive.

So, when should you replace your wiper blades?

Reasons To Change Your Wiper Blades

The answer depends on a few things.

First, you should consider how often you use your wipers. Like all physical objects, with time and use, they wear-out and become less effective. How quickly they degrade can also depend on how and when you use them. For instance, if you use them frequently and in harsh conditions, like snow, hail, and sleet, you should replace them more often.

It’s also important to pay attention to the age of your wiper blades. Most blades will last up to a year, but if you live where the temperature changes drastically from season to season, it can cause your blades to wear out more quickly.

In other words, don’t wait for them to break. While replacing them can sound like hassle, waiting for them to fall apart will almost surely be more inconvenient.

A good rule of thumb is If it’s been a year since replacing your wiper blades, it’s probably time to change them. Another sign that you should install some new ones is if they start to streak or chatter on your windshield.

Fixing Your Wiper Blades

The good news is that replacing your wiper blades is relatively easy and inexpensive. You can purchase new blades at any auto parts store, or you can order them online. Before you buy, make sure to check that the blades you’re buying are compatible with your vehicle. You can do this by checking the size of your existing blades or by looking up the size in your vehicle’s manual.

Once you buy your blades, you’re ready to replace them.

This can usually be done in about five minutes. Start by lifting the wiper arm away from the windshield and pressing the small tab located at the base of the blade. This will release the blade from the arm. Then, slide the new blade onto the arm until it clicks into place.

Finally, make sure to test your new blades to make sure they’re working correctly. Once you’re sure they’re working properly, you can get back on the road with your new, safer and clearer view.

Replacing your wiper blades doesn’t have to be a hassle. Just remember to check your blades frequently, especially when the weather changes. And, if you notice any streaks, chattering, or smearing, it’s time to replace them. Doing so will ensure that you have a clear view of the road and a safer driving experience.

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