Preparing Vehicle for Winter

Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter Season

As winter is coming, you are thinking of preparing your vehicle for winter before the season hits. For your vehicle, this includes everything from checking to see that your brakes are in good condition, to refilling fluids as needed. If you lack experience in this area, be sure to contact Knibbe Automotive Repair for information on preparing your vehicle for winter season driving conditions.

Further, many people underestimate the harshness of winter and are not ready to deal with it once it arrives. The same applies to vehicles. Whether you have a truck, car, or SUV, you will want to ensure your vehicle is properly tuned and prepared for the winter season. Following these steps will allow you to navigate dangerous road conditions with ease.

Preparing Vehicle For Winter Season by installing winter tires

One vital factor when preparing your car for winter is installing winter tires. Even if you are not driving regularly through snow, winter tires will help prevent loss of control. And even skidding in other types of slippery conditions. Make sure you have the right air pressure in your tires, as the freezing weather can cause air pressure to decrease. Make sure your car is equipped with at least four 4 matched tires with all-season tread or branded with a mountain/snowflake symbol, rated at 3.5 mm (about 0.14 in) or higher.

By preparing ahead of time, you can prevent many potential issues from occurring that could lead to hundreds of dollars in repairs. Further, if you are looking to purchase winter tires to improve the performance of your vehicle, visit Knibbe Automotive Repair today.

Opting for synthetic oil

Preparing your vehicle for winter season by opting for synthetic oil is good for both your car and your wallet. When winter starts, regular grade car oil can thicken up and not flow freely. This causes the engine to burn through oil and puts unnecessary strain on the engine parts.

Preparing Vehicle For Winter Season by carrying a winter survival kit

Packing a car for winter readiness is all about staying ready. Do you have your vehicle in good shape, and has stock of all the right supplies? Make sure you have everything from a backup charger for your phone to food, clothes and medicine in your winter survival kit.

Changing to Winter Wiper Blades

Not sure when to change your winter wipers? Here at Knibbe Automotive Repair, we want you to be safe during the winter months. Hence, we suggest you change your winter wiper blades in the fall. It is one of the simplest ways to protect your car during the cold months. Further, snow, sleet and ice can cause dangerous windshield conditions. And a winter wiper blade is made from a different type of rubber and works for extreme weather conditions.

Preparing Vehicle For Winter Season with a maintenance check-up

While you can never completely prepare for winter driving, following some simple maintenance steps can keep your ride safe and dependable. As winter commences, get routine maintenance for your vehicle. This can include a look at your heating system, your brakes, battery, headlights, and other essential elements of your automobile.

Yes, winter season means cold and freezing temperatures. While that may be fun in some parts of the world, it can cause quite a trouble for your vehicle. If you have concerns about winter coming around, let Knibbe Automotive Repair help you. We can aid you in preparing your vehicle for the winter season.

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